Pacific SharkFest 2017

Pacific SharkFest 2017


September 29th – October 1st 2017


Host Hotel

Murphys Motel HOST

Murphys Motel

 76 Main St. Murphy, CA 95247




2:00 – Departs for Big Trees

7:00 – Meet N’ Greet @ Murphys Pourhouse

350 Main St Suit B
Murphys, California, CA 95247


9:00 – Show ‘N Shine

10:00 – Depart Mountain Drive 

12:00 – Hard Cider Tasting & Tour with Catered BBQ @ Indigeney Reserve 

2:00 – Departs for Moaning Cave OR Downtown Wine Tasting & Shopping

6:30 – Dinner @ Murphys Historic Hotel

Event Registration

  • Paul

    Ok people 7 days n counting. All is set just waiting for us to show.
    The above itinerary says 2:00 Friday for big trees and I’ve been telling several who are coming 3:00 so we shall see what develops.
    Have a safe trip up and we shall see you all there. I will be at hotel sometime on Thursday FYI.
    My cell is 805 835 5522

    1. Jenifer

      Thanks for the update, Paul. Tim and I will be there probably early, around lunchtime. Really looking forward to it – great itinerary of cool stuff to see and do!

  • John Gilbert

    Hi Paul,
    We’ll drive up Friday morning from the Bay Area in time to register and meet at 2:00. We made our own reservations at Murphy’s in the PSF group. Are you meeting at Murphys for the drive to Big Trees? Since I have a concert on Sunday, we’ll probably leave early afternoon on Saturday and will likely do the drive but may or may not sample cider given that we have a 3+ hr drive home. Too bad we’ll miss the dinner.
    John Gilbert

    1. Paul

      Hi John, good seeing u all at Legends.
      Yes will depart from murphys hotel for big trees on Friday per itinerary .
      Hope you at least stay for the end of Saturday drive at indigeny and BBQ there at least. That should still give u plenty of time to get back to Bay Area.We should be done there 2ish
      If u decide to hang with us there before heading back,please reserve lunch via PayPal here on website. I do have to give him a headcount 1 week prior.
      See u soon

  • Paul

    FYI per our schedule this year we will be having dinner at the Historic Murhpys hotel on Main Street .
    We have a group reservation for any that would like to partake and is NOT mandatory. The hotel has shortened the menu items available for the group. You can go to hotel resturaunt website for more detail on items below.
    -Calamari and flatbread apps for each table
    -House or Caesar salad or French onion soup
    -Entree choice:
    NY steak
    Fried chicken
    Grilled salmon
    Pasta Bolognese
    -Desert choice :
    Chocolate Pots de Creme
    Bread pudding
    Creme brûlée

    Alcohol separate

    $60.00 per person tax n tip INCLUDED

  • Paul

    OK PEOPLE hotel is releasing rooms for public on August 15. You will be on your own after that and there are limited hotels in the area never mind rooms available. The host hotel WILL sell them out.
    Also please register by paying for BBQ. That will lock you in.
    So far we have 36 bodies registered.
    Patrick J x2
    Klaus B x2
    Steve W. x2
    Paul D. x2
    Bob C. x2
    Don B. x2
    Andy W. x2
    Waymon Y. x2
    Dennis J x1
    William D x1
    Daniel C. x2
    Stephan P.x2
    Peter F x2
    Timothy O. x2
    Steve C. x2
    Doug V. X1
    Kevin H. x1
    Aya A. x1
    Bob S. X2
    David B. X1
    Eric V. X2

    1. Bruce

      Moved to Alabama. The Shark and the 850 are scheduled to arrive by motor carrier on Dauphin Island next month. Regret that we won’t be able to make it. Thanks for all of the fun times and memories over the years.

      1. Paul

        Alabama! Sorry to see you go but life goes on.
        Maybe since you have your 635 still u can hook up with southeast sharks next spring?
        If I remember Nat one of organizers lives in Alabama.

    2. Greg Kennedy

      I may be able to drive up for the day Saturday (live in Sacramento area), is a day trip an option?

      1. Paul

        Absolutely. We have other sharks coming in for the day.
        You will need to register by signing up for the BBQ. Itinerary is on site. We will be swarming at host hotel on sat AM for show n shine and departing at 10:00AM
        Hope you can make it!

    3. Kevin

      Registered yesterday – got my ’88 M6 in February and a friend told me this was a “don’t miss” gathering! Looking forward to it!

      1. Paul

        Your friend is right! If your an e24 owner it is a can’t miss. You’ll have a smile for a month.
        Many great people who know these cars. Looking forward to meeting both you n your car!

  • Bob Clay

    Hope to sneak in in our E-39, Sadly, we let the M6 go to another good home.

    1. Paul

      Hey Bob, we have quite a few who have sold their beloved e24 but are still very welcome. Did you let buyer of M6 know about PSF?

  • Steve Wilson

    I will be there, looking forward to a great weekend with everyone.

  • Pat

    Murphy’s was great last weekend. Just a little smoke and ash from the fire.
    All the activities and food venues are lined up. Should be a great event.

  • Dennis L Jacob

    Let’s hope that the forest fires don’t affect the event. There’s one big fire to the south and the wind is blowing northeasterly. Which is the direction I’m coming from.

  • Dennis L Jacob

    Regarding the schedule, when you write 2:00 leave for Calaveras Big Trees – is that from the hotel? Or is there another schedule for getting to the host hotel earlier for events? Or do you expect folks to arrive in Calaveras Big Trees at 2pm from wherever you might be coming from. It’s not clear to me and hopefully I’m not the only one.

    1. Paul

      Hi Dennis,
      We will be departing the hotel at that time for big trees

  • Jenifer Shields

    FINALLY, I think my husband is coming with me to Sharkfest! My question is whether we have a group rate for the block of rooms reserved at the Murphys Motel? Well, I”m presuming we have a block of rooms reserved….

    1. Paul

      Hey Jennifer, that’s great news looking forward to meeting the third member of your family:)
      Yes we do have a block but no discount. not many rooms available up there so glad to have 20 blocked at same hotel for event. We were lucky. Just mention pacific SHARKFEST or BMW group for that weekend .

    2. Dan czomba

      Oh, that’s great Jennifer… the year I move and don’t go, your husband comes. Haha! He will have a blast!

  • Dan c

    Damn paul, I’ve moved to Colorado. Car is at home but I won’t have enough time at work to take off for the event. Next year for sure! Have fun.

    1. Paul

      c u next event.

      1. Dan czomba

        Take lots of pictures! Love to see.

  • Dennis L Jacob

    Not sure my registration/signup went through or not. But hopefully I’m down for a single person.

  • Dave

    Paul I will be there and also Javier.

    1. Paul

      Great! Who’s car ?

  • Robert Scott

    I’m trying to sign up having no luck

    1. Paul

      Hi Robert,what issues are you having signing up?

  • Ron Bernhardt

    I am in for ’17

  • Jerry

    The web site included in your EVITE blast is INCORRECT! It shows the web site in all capital letters. It should be all lower case letters.
    The capital letters will give you an error.

    1. Paul

      No one else that we know of has run into that. We will keep an ear out

      1. Patti Williams

        PacificSharkfest in all caps won’t come up on the evite.

        1. Paul

          Hi Patti
          Evite? What’s that? Lol
          It has been a pain for soooo many years. Glad to be rid of it.thats why we r here instead. Still trying to get new email format straightened out .
          Got your message n we are familiar with winery u mentioned. We were up there several weeks back checking things out with the crew.

  • Robert (Bobbo) Szilasie

    Give it some time Paul, without a true location to actually sign up to the event on the website that’s specific to 2017, we actually can’t sign up just yet. Pat and myself have already booked our rooms, if that’s any consolation 🙂

  • Paul

    ANYONE COMING?????????

    1. Waymon Yim

      I’m coming with a guess.. where is the meet up location for the show and shine on Saturday?

      1. Paul

        Hotel parking lot.
        if u need to fuel up,breakfast place right next door,Chevron just up street.

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